How to Make an Artist Website Work

Making a website is the most effective way to market your work, build a brand and sell artwork, products or services. Creating a website is something that even a high school student can do with ease.

Great artwork is discovered by ordinary individuals every day. There is no longer a barrier between the artist and the masses. If you have a website and your work can be found, sharedand liked you can achieve a level of recognition. Being an active member of these socially driven websites is an excellent idea but these sites should complement and not replace your own website. They should be used as a marketing outpost to drive traffic to your own website.

For the best chance of success, you need to create your own website. Here’s why:

1. Have your own website. Your website needs to showcase your work professionally and communicate your style and individuality to stand out from the crowd. You should get your own website, so that you can customize it however you like.

2. An awesome website name. A website name is the starting point for your brand. For a small amount a year you can create the illusion that you are a professional worth investing in. Take your work seriously. With domain names costing so little, there is no excuse for not having your own.

3. Optimize your website so that it ranks highly in Google search. This can be done with ease when you have your own site.

4. You need your work to stand out, not lost in the crowd. When someone contemplates buying your artwork, you don’t want them to be distracted by other artists. You want buyers to be directed towards your artwork, without others competing for attention.

5. You need to control how you make money from your website. If you have your own website, costs and earning artist websitesopportunities are controlled entirely by you. You can sell work directly from your site and you can concentrate on building your brand, popularity and fame.

6. You need to be able to be able to measure the number of visitors to your site. Free tools provide you with information about those who visit your website. You can see which countries people visit from, how many minutes they spend on certain pages and which pages they leave immediately. This information helps you shape and improve your artwork and website in the future.

7. Easily move your website files from one location to another. With your own website, this is straight forward.You will have access to every single one of your files.

8. All the content must belong to you. When you create a website on a free platform, your website is really a part of someone else’s site. If you have the potential to create a beautiful, creative content-filled website, it is too risky for this to be at the mercy of another company. It is a valuable a resource. You need to own it completely.